Pathology Testing

Disease causing organisms and other abnormalities in cells and tissues are determined through LFT, TSH, FBC, Urinalysis etc.



Sensitive cancer detecting services/tests are done for early detection & treatment using tissue biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tumor markers, ultrasound scan, x-ray, etc.



Through FBS (Fasting blood sugar), The sugar level of the body system can be detected, knowing the functionality of the insulin Glycated hemoglobin (HBAIC) can also tell the sugar level of the body for a longer period of time as FBS indicates sugar level at instant of time.



Any form of heart disease is critical and hence the heart should always be on check. This check can be done through ECG, Chest x-ray, cardiac markers, FLP, C-reactive protein etc.



Specimen samples are not only subjected to culture for microbial growth but through microscopy, the samples can be analyzed better, having both physically based diagnosis (Using the microscope) and culture based diagnosis.



This is a branch of medical study that reveals the causes and effects of particular diseases of organs and tissues. Anatomical pathology studies/examines samples from organism and tissues rather than bodily fluids to detect the causes and effects of the diseases. It covers biopsy, autopsy, surgical pathology, cytology etc.



This is an example of applied science that deals with tests on clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. It comprises of several departments such as clinical biochemistry, hematology, virology, molecular diagnostics, serology, immune hematology etc.



This is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. This disease can be as a result of errors that occur as body cells divide or damage to DNA caused by harmful substances in the environment, such as chemicals in Tobacco smoke and ultraviolet rays from the sun. These abnormal cells ignore signals that normally tells cells to stop dividing or to die, hence multiplying invading into nearby areas and causing damages.



This is the absence of disease or the normal functioning of an organism based on the observation of a certain number of individuals that determine the standard and thus health. It deals with issues on animal diseases. Some of these diseases are lethal to the livestock only some are transmissible and lethal to human (zoonotic) while some of them can be causative agents in livestock, causing no harm to them but when transmitted to human it lethal.



This is a branch of biology that seeks to understand the molecular basis of biological activity in and between cells including molecular synthesis, modification, mechanisms and interactions. The study of chemical and physical structure of biological macro molecules is known as molecular biology. More so, it is the collection of techniques developed since the field’s genesis which have enabled scientists to learn about molecular processes such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA microarray etc.