Health Check Packages

They say that precaution is better than cure. Pyramids Diagnostics believes in the same saying and thus offer the services of all kinds of check-up such as a full body check-up, diabetic check-up, bone density check etc. Such check-ups help in the early detection of any kind of illness or risk to one’s body. Because of rising stress levels today, getting a check-up done is extremely important.

Pyramids Diagnostics presents a range of comprehensive health check packages. These preventive health check packages are custom designed for different age groups & disease profiles.
Our expert Clinicians will advice you on treatment or lifestyle modifications.
Below is a list of the health check packages we offer. You can choose any as an individual, as a family or as an organization.


Click on any package below to get the details. You can also make a test request online, even before visiting our facilities.

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