When it comes to the provision of antenatal care, pregnant women tend to be divided into low and high-risk population; however, the boundary between the groups is often blurred.

Of the condition specific to pregnancy, fetal growth restriction, antepartum hemorrhage, multiple pregnancy and prolonged pregnancy tend to be regarded as high risk (Bernstein 2000: Westergard 2001).

It is important to stress that fetal growth restriction is often confused with the concept of being small-for-gestation age. Some fetuses are constitutionally small and they do not have increased perinatal morbidity and mortality.

Inability to distinguish early between small, but healthy fetuses and those who are failing to reach their growth potential has hampered attempt to find appropriate treatment for growth restriction.

Growth restricted fetuses are at increased risk of mortality and serious morbidity (interventricular hemorrhage, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, necrotizing enterocolitis, infection, pulmonary hemorrhage, hypothermia and hypoglycemia) (Fisk 2001).

Early antenatal detection, treatment where appropriate and timely delivery could minimize the risks significantly.

The most commonly used method for the assessment of the fetal wellbeing in high risk pregnancies include fetal biophysical profile (Lalor 2008) and Doppler study of the fetal circulation

At pyramids diagnostic services we are committed to the delivery of advance and high-quality ultrasound services with our state of the heart scanners. We continue to improve on capacity utilization in ultrasound and diagnostics services in general.

We currently provide high standard Doppler ultrasound in obstetrics and perinatology.

– Fetal umbilical artery Doppler and

– Utero- placenta Doppler assessment

– Fetal biophysical profile and

– Nuchal screening and anomaly scan.

When you are worried:

  • When you are worried that your baby is not growing well.
  • When you are worried that your stomach is small.
  • When you are worried that your baby is not kicking well.
  • When you are worried that your stomach is too big.
  • When you are worried that water is coming out of your body.
  • When you are worried about the blood you saw.
  • When you worried because of what happen in the other pregnancy.
  • When you are worried why your babe is still delaying
  • When you don’t even know why you are worried.

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